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Hurricane Preparedness & Insurance Claim Reminders

July 26, 2019

We are in the midst of the 2019 Hurricane Season, and ServiSolutions would like to remind you of critical actions you should take if you experience any damage to your home from hurricanes or any other natural disaster.

  • Always have easy access to your Insurance Agent's and/or Insurance Claims contact number
  • Call immediately to report any damage that has occurred
  • Take immediate measures to protect the property from further damages
  • Examples include boarding up blown out windows or tarping damaged roofs

Once your claim is being processed, all checks issued from the insurance company will have ServiSolutions listed as the loss payee, as well as you and possibly your contractor.

In order for ServiSolutions to process these checks, we will collect certain information from you, and we can then provide specific instructions on how the claim will be handled. You can email [email protected] and report the following criteria to help speed up this process:

  • Loan #
  • Name
  • Property Address
  • Type of Loss (Fire, Wind, Hail, Water, Other)
  • Date of Loss
  • Amount of Check
  • Daytime Contact Number
  • Email Address

For more information on hurricane preparedness, visit

If you would like more information about ServiSolutions’ role in homeowner’s insurance claims, contact [email protected].