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To Remember in September: 5 Fall Maintenance Tips for Cooler Temperatures

September 22, 2023

Though summer weather still may be dominating your state, you’ll be raking leaves, wearing flannel, and drinking pumpkin spice beverages before you know it. In preparation for cooler temperatures, ServiSolutions has compiled a few tips to ensure you’re well prepared:

Freshen your filters. Furnace filters trap dust that would otherwise be distributed throughout your home. Clogged filters make it harder to keep your home at a comfortable temperature, thus increasing your utility bills. Simple monthly cleaning is all it takes to keep these filters free of debris. Disposable filters can be vacuumed with a soft brush attachment once before replacement. Foam filters can also be vacuumed, but they don't need to be replaced unless they are damaged.

Clean your carpets. Fall is an ideal time to clean your carpets. The humid days of summer have passed, but the below-freezing days of winter have yet to arrive. It's the best time to open windows for ventilation, which should speed the drying process. If you're not comfortable operating a carpet cleaning machine, let a professional wrestle with the bulky equipment.

Dodge the drafts. Can you see daylight around your exterior doors? Do you feel air seeping in around your windows? A home with air leaks around windows and doors is like a coat left unbuttoned. Gaps in caulk and weatherstripping let cold air into your warm home, and sealing up a drafty house can save up to 20 percent on your heating bills, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Add weather-stripping around your doors and re-caulk around windows that are not sealed properly.

Check your chimney. Even if you use your fireplace only occasionally, you should check it annually for damage, buildup, and nesting animals. For most people, the best option is to have your entire system inspected by a chimney sweep. They can help you clear blockages and reduce potential fire hazards.

Review your roof. Use binoculars if necessary to get a good look at the roof that shielded you from summer storms, high winds, and hail. Check for damaged metal flashing around vents and chimneys, clogged gutters, and missing, curled, or cracked shingles. Better to take care of small issues now before ice and winter winds turn them into big disasters.

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