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Welcome to ServiSolutions®, your mortgage loan servicer. In business since March 2005, we service loans for housing finance agencies in Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, Missouri, and North Carolina as well as community banks in Alabama.

If you are new to ServiSolutions, your lender or mortgage servicer transferred servicing of your mortgage to us. This is a common practice in mortgage lending, and mortgages are transferred between servicers all the time (usually in large bundles) for a variety of business reasons. Your loan being transferred is not a reflection on you. 

As a customer of ServiSolutions, you will receive detailed monthly statements that will include recent transactions, outstanding principal balance and payoff information, interest rate, escrow information, and much more. 

We encourage you to create an online account to manage your mortgage. Visit Servicing Digital to view your latest account details, make online payments, receive email reminders, and much more. Don’t forget to sign up for paperless statements.

Visit the drop down pages for information about managing your account, payments, insurance, property damages, understanding your escrow account, what to do if you’re having difficulty paying your mortgage, and our service fees.

General FAQs

I closed my loan with another lender. How did my loan get to ServiSolutions?
Either ServiSolutions is the servicer of the loan you closed with your lender, or your lender or mortgage servicer transferred servicing of your mortgage to us. This is a common practice in mortgage lending, and mortgages are transferred between servicers all the time for a variety of business reasons.

What should I do if I am in the military and have been activated?
Please send a copy of your activation orders to ServiSolutions, ATTN: SCRA. Please also include current contact information so we can reach you to discuss how your payment may be affected. You can find more information about your rights under the Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act by clicking here.

Does ServiSolutions offer refinancing options?
ServiSolutions does not originate loans, and therefore is unable to refinance mortgages. You would need to contact a mortgage company, bank, or credit union in your area if you wish to refinance.

How do I get my year-end tax information?
We will mail your IRS Form 1098 no later than January 31 annually (please allow for delivery time). Customers who switched to online statements before December 25 will be among the first to receive their documents. You will also be able to view your tax documents online by January 5. You may sign up for the 1098 e-consent form through Servicing Digital. Due to federal regulations, we can only provide tax documents to the primary borrower on the account. If you are a co-borrower, you will not be able to access the documents online.

What is an assumption? 
Assumption of mortgage is the purchase of mortgaged property whereby the buyer assumes liability for an existing debt secured by a mortgage on the property. This generally requires the consent of ServiSolutions. 

Is my loan assumable?
In order to determine whether or not your loan is assumable, we must review your mortgage documents and/or investor guidelines. Please contact Customer Service.