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How to Participate

Follow the instructions in the Invitation to Participate below:

Invitation to Participate

Please execute the Servicing Agreement and the First Amendment to the Servicing Agreement, complete the Questionnaire, and return all three to AHFA.

The questionnaire, a copy of the execution page (page 13), and First Amendment signature page can be scanned and emailed to [email protected] or faxed to Carrie Hamaker at 334.244.9213 to expedite the process.

Two originals of the Servicing Agreement and First Amendment must be returned by mail to AHFA. We will date and sign the Agreements and return fully executed originals to you.

Servicing Agreement
First Amendment to the Servicing Agreement
Program Guidelines
Nonpublic Personal Information Nondisclosure Agreement
Limited Power of Attorney
Authorization to Credit/Debit Bank Account