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Managing Your Mortgage Online

Use our Servicing Digital to: 

  • Make payments 
  • View basic loan balances, details and transaction history
  • Get account notifications: payments received, insurance paid, taxes paid, etc.
  • Set up a profile with email notices
  • Update contact information
  • Request copies of loan documents (fee charged)
  • If you’re not already signed up, simply visit Servicing Digital and create an account 

Go Paperless!

Online statements are convenient, secure, reduce clutter, and best of all – free!

Not only do they reduce clutter, online statements look and function just like paper statements – use them for taxes, monthly record keeping and more. You’ll also be reducing your risk of fraud and identity theft. Approximately 85% of identity theft cases start with stolen paper statements, bills or checks. 

Sign up to go paperless by going to Servicing Digital

FAQs about Managing Your Account

Why am I unable to pay my mortgage online? 
There are several reasons you may not be able to pay your mortgage online. You may be locked out for the following reasons:
  • Incorrect username/password combination
  • Too many login user attempts (lock out occurs after 3 unsuccessful attempts)
  • Locked by another user
  • Incorrect answers to security questions
  • Fraud indicator
  • Loan is delinquent
If you are delinquent or unable to login, contact Customer Service for further assistance.

I have a 1st and 2nd mortgage. How do I register my 2nd mortgage on Servicing Digital?
Log in to Servicing Digital, go to My Profile, then select My Loans, and then Add Loan.