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Property Taxes

When will you pay my tax bill?
Your tax bill has both a Due Date and a Delinquency Date. The Due Date is typically the date the tax bill actually becomes available. ServiSolutions will pay your tax bill between the Due Date and the Delinquency Date. The Delinquency Date is the last day to pay the bill without incurring penalties.

What if I receive my tax bill?
If you receive a tax bill and your loan is less than one year old, please email a copy to [email protected] or fax to 334-460-9740. Always include your mortgage loan number on the bill.  

What are Homestead Exemptions?
Homestead Exemption homeowners are allowed a value exemption from their total property tax assessment if the mortgagor physically occupies the property. To verify if your taxing authority allows homestead exemptions, please contact your taxing authority directly. If your taxing authority allows homestead exemptions, you will need to submit an estimated tax bill from your taxing authority for review or adjustment. Please refer to your tax statement for the specific taxing authority in your area. 

What do I do when I receive a delinquent tax notice, assessment bill, interim bill or an adjusted corrected bill?
In the event you receive a delinquent tax notice please send it to us by email to [email protected] or fax to 334-460-9740.

What is a Supplemental Tax?
A supplemental tax is an additional tax amount owed due to a reassessment of property taxes. This can be the result of a transfer of the title, the development of the land, or some structural change to the existing property. Your loan servicer is not responsible for payment of supplemental taxes and will not be notified if a bill is issued. If you would like for us to pay a supplemental bill on your behalf, please email your request, along with a copy of the bill, to [email protected] or fax to 334-460-9740. We will not be responsible for any penalties incurred if the bill is delinquent and your monthly payment could increase.