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Collections (Early Intervention)

It's important for you to pay your mortgage as agreed. It is not necessary to stop making payments to receive assistance. If you are having difficulty making your payments or anticipate future difficulty making your payments, ServiSolutions has a dedicated Collections team to assist you. 

Carefully read the information below, and return all forms and documentation to the Collections department as soon as possible. Time is of the essence to avoid further delinquency, so respond quickly to any requests for additional documentation.

Early intervention is an exchange of information regarding options that can help get you back on track so the delinquency does not escalate beyond your ability to cure it. This communication should occur between the 2nd and 89th day of delinquency. 

Delinquency to Foreclosure Process: 

  • On the 16th of the month: A late charge accrues for any unpaid payment.
  • First month of missed payment: Your loan is in default, which will be reported to the credit bureau until the loan is brought current. You should contact Collections to pay, make arrangements to bring the loan current, or for Early Intervention. 
  • After 30 days of no contact: An inspector will come by to verify occupancy and condition, and a fee will be assessed. Your loan will continue to report delinquent each month until the loan is brought current.
  • Fourth month of missed payment: Your loan is at risk of foreclosure as credit bureau default reporting continues. Foreclosure will also be reported.

Early Intervention Options:

  • Reinstatement: Arrangements to pay all payments due with outstanding fees
  • Repayment or Forbearance plan: Allows for a normal monthly payment plus a portion of the delinquency (reduced mortgage payment) for a specific term

Though default will negatively affect your credit, even during the application and workout process, reported arrangements may be less damaging. The application process is normally 15-30 days and an alternative may take an additional 30-180 days to complete. Your investor’s guidelines and financial circumstances determine the option available and its terms. If you are unsure of your investor, please call 866-339-2432. Any representative will be able to assist you.

To Apply:

  • If your loan is due for 3 payments or less, your loan is less than 12 months old, or you have a Mortgage Revenue Bond loan which is unable to be modified, please complete an Early Intervention Analysis
  • Ensure your loan number is on all documentation and return all information by:
  • Fax: 334-244-9214
  • Mail: ServiSolutions, Attention: Collections, P.O. Box 242928, Montgomery, AL 36124-2928
  • Email: [email protected]

Other Documents and Forms:

Helpful Information:

For more information, visit Frequently Asked Questions.